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About the Founder:

About the founder:  As a financial professional and prior health care provider, I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses plan for the impact of long term care needs.  To serve my clients at the highest level, I regularly attend industry training and certification programs.  This includes study for the CLTC, a professional designation which stands for “Certification in Long Term Care”, granted by the Corporation for Long Term Care Certification and RICP, retirement income certified professional.  

My academic background is rooted in an Occupational Therapy Degree from Tufts University enhanced with a graduate degree in Health Care Administration from Framingham State University.  My prior experience includes 16 years working in rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury, Hand Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Geriatrics at the V.A. Medical Center, nursing homes, and home care settings.  After 16 years of working in health care, Medicare reimbursement changed making it more challenging to provide quality ethical care in the nursing home.  It was at that time I learned about long term care insurance. I made a natural transition from helping people in crisis to helping people prevent crisis.  Over the last 20 years, I has worked with individuals, couples, and groups as large as the Town of Framingham MA.  I am passionate in helping people make informed decisions regarding long term care planning.  As a specialist, I also partner with Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers, CPAs, and Estate Attorneys’ to optimize an interdisciplinary approach to financial planning.       


     Licensed Insurance Agent in Life and Health Insurance for 20 years

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

  • Licensed Insurance Adviser (LIA) in Massachusetts

  • Certified Long Term Care Insurance Specialist (CLTC)

  • Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

  • Master Degree in Health Administration (MHA)

  • National speaker for Harvard’s Division on Aging

  • Published chapter in Harvard’s Aging in Good Health Textbook

    • Published and public speaker on long term care and insurance planning.

    •  Thalheimer Insurance created in year 2000


Maureen Clancy – Licensed Agent

Maureen is a licensed life and health agent.  With a background in marketing & hospitality, she is a natural fit for the Thalheimer Insurance team.  She values knowledge, honesty, integrity, and of course, service.  Maureen recognizes the importance for transparency and educating clients as to the options of products and product designs and how they can best meet individual needs of protection.  Her goal is to help clients made educated, informed decisions.

On a more personal note, Maureen’s truest passion is being a mother to her 13 year old son Michael & her two cats, Cady & Rosie.  She enjoys cooking, anything involving the ocean, & is an avid Boston Bruins fan.


About Thalheimer Insurance:

Thalheimer Insurance was started in 2000 specializing in long term care planning.  Life, disability, and annuities all have options for riders for long term care. To be an expert in long term care meant understanding all of these contracts.  

Differentiators for Thalheimer Insurance:

  • Independence to quote on all products available

  • Explains contract language, not just glossy folders

  • Listens to the needs of clients

  • Provides an easy to follow educational process to enable clients to make an informed decision on long term care insurance

  • Strong background in health care to optimize the underwriting process and ratings.

  • Strong background in claims processing, support when you need it most.

  • Over 20 years’ experience specializing in Long Term Care

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