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About the Founder:

Linda Thalheimer is a national expert in long term care planning and licensed in almost every state. She has been a board member for CLTC, the Certification for Long Term Care and co-wrote the guide to long term care claims. She has her Retirement Insurance Certified Professional certification, RICP, as she understands LTC is a tree in the financial forest, and she needs to understand the forest to help her clients plant the right tree.  Linda started her career as a recruit by GE Financial in 2000.  It was a natural transition in careers from managing rehabilitation departments in a nursing home to helping people afford higher quality options.  In 2006, she worked with Empower, focusing on employer long term care offerings and in 2009, focused on growing her independent company.

With her experience as an occupational therapist in home care, assisted living, and nursing homes, as well as a trainer for Harvard’s Division on aging, Linda is well versed in the functional needs for long term care and the medical lingo of underwriters. Linda is an independent agent and represents all the non-captive products, traditional, hybrid, life with long term care riders, as well as non-traditional products with simplified to guaranteed underwriting.  It’s her priority to provide customized, financially appropriate long term care options to enable clients to make educated decisions. Linda recognizes that as a LTC agent, she is selling the promises of insurance companies. In 2015, Linda added claims support services to make sure those promises are kept.

As a national expert, Linda regularly provides training to employer groups, attorneys, insurance specialists, advisors and long term care facilities.  Linda believes the team approach to planning is one of most effective ways to provide excellence to clients’ overall plans. 

 Licensed Insurance Agent in Life and Health Insurance since 2000

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

  • Licensed Insurance Adviser (LIA) in Massachusetts

  • Certified Long Term Care Insurance Specialist (CLTC), Board Member 2023-2024.

  • Published LTC Claims Guide with CLTC

  • BuddyIns LTC Trainor for LTC Insurance Professionals

  • Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

  • Master Degree in Health Administration (MHA)

  • National speaker for Harvard’s Division on Aging

  • Published chapter in Harvard’s Aging in Good Health Textbook

    • Published and public speaker on long term care and insurance planning.

    •  Thalheimer Insurance created in year 2000

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Jen Perreault - Licensed Agent

Jen is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of long-term care insurance. Her mission is to provide clients with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions. Whether one is seeking personal coverage, or a business is looking to provide benefits to employees, Jen is here as a guide every step of the way. With a 30+ year background in office management and human resources Jen understands the importance of detail, communication, and comprehensive support. Jen’s experience with long term care is both professional and personal. She is presently caring for her grandmother with dementia who has moved in with her and her family.  Understanding the impact of personal caregiving, she is all the more intent on helping others plan for their long term care.


Maureen Clancy - Claims Assistance

Maureen manages all things related to client services & claims assistance.  She is also a licensed life and health agent.  With a background in marketing & hospitality, she is a natural fit for the Thalheimer Insurance team.  She values knowledge, honesty, integrity, and service.  Maureen ensures that the promises of insurance companies are kept and understands the importance of having an advocate during what can be one of the most overwhelming times for both individuals & families.  Her goal is to help clients understand their benefits and to provide them with peace of mind during the claims initiation process.

On a more personal note, Maureen’s truest passion is being a mother to her 17 year old son Michael & her many fur babies.  She enjoys cooking with her personal chef & husband, Sean, anything involving the ocean, & is also an avid reader.


About Thalheimer Insurance:

Thalheimer Insurance was started in 2000 specializing in long term care planning.  Life, disability, and annuities all have options for riders for long term care. To be an expert in long term care meant understanding all of these contracts.  

Differentiators for Thalheimer Insurance:

  • Independence to quote on all products available

  • Explains contract language, not just glossy folders

  • Listens to the needs of clients

  • Provides an easy to follow educational process to enable clients to make an informed decision on long term care insurance

  • Strong background in health care to optimize the underwriting process and ratings.

  • Strong background in claims processing, support when you need it most.

  • Over 20 years’ experience specializing in Long Term Care

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