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When my parents were about to make a claim on their long term care insurance, which they'd been paying premiums on for decades, and I read the policies, I felt like a babe in the woods.  The policies were technical and seemed rife with tricks & obstacles, and it was so important that the companies live up to their promises & pay what was coming to us.  I knew I needed someone to help me and started asking around.

Thank goodness Linda Thalheimer came on my radar.  She knows all of the ins & outs of the business: how to anticipate & avoid obstacle with the insurance companies, how to advise a home-health agency on the proper way to submit paperwork that the insurance companies will accept, & how to push things along when any part of the process gets stuck.  Linda is clear, thorough, & tenacious on behalf of her clients, a true professional, while also being an extremely compassionate person.  It was such a pleasure to work with.  hiring her was one of the best decisions I made and I don't think I could have done it without her.

Jonathan G., Claims Client


Linda helped us understand long term care insurance.  When we needed help to find our way through the Medicare maze, she recommended an expert to lead us through.

Frances Mueller, Northway Bank

Linda is very knowledgeable & extremely helpful.  I recommend sitting down & listening to all of your long term care options.  Everyone should have long term care insurance.

Donna Testa, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Linda is an excellent resource & advisor.  She comes across very patient & loving to all.  She looks out for others as well as helping others grow in their businesses.  That is Linda T.!

Sophie Kiiza, Home Health Care

She is the best at getting you the right plan!

Carolyn Ross, Carolyn Ross Photography/Realty

Linda is a true expert in her field.  No matter what stage you are in of your life, I recommend speaking with her.

Keith Deeley, CannaBe Well Inc.

Linda is an angel who saved my retirement. I was not even thinking about long term care insurance, since I am only in my early fifties. I decided to get a policy after talking to her. It was in the nick of time. I was diagnosed with a medical condition a few months later. Get LTC policies when you can. Tomorrow might be too late.

Jay P., Client

As a comprehensive certified financial advisor, specializing in financial planning and managing investments, it is imperative to work with an insurance specialist who is competent, ethical and believes in educating her clients. Linda is unique in that she reads the insurance contracts, stays current on policy and industry changes, and is committed to always doing what’s in the client’s best interest. While I’m licensed to sell insurance, I value her expertise, not only for my clients, but for my wife’s and my own life, disability and long term care insurance.

Rich T., Certified Financial Planner

We met Linda as a result of a general request for long-term care information. We purchased a long-term care policy even though I doubted we would ever use it.  Eight years later, my wife slipped and took a bad fall and became a quadriplegic. Over the course of her care, the policy paid out nearly one million dollars. Linda has always been there for us. She checked in with us regularly during the claims process. She visited my wife in the rehab hospital and then later in the nursing home. Linda has been a friend to us, and I know she will be there for me if I should need care in the future.

Paul. G., Client

My wife and I were a bit apprehensive at first about getting life insurance for our growing family because we thought we could not afford it. But Linda Thalheimer made it easy and showed us options that made sense for us at our price point. We are so happy to have Linda on our side! As an attorney helping families with later life planning, one of the first questions I ask if a person is whether they have long term care insurance (LTC). LTC can affect how we help a family plan for their future. Linda Thalheimer is one of my go to LTC advisers. She is able to answer questions clearly and extremely knowledgeable. I enjoy referring my clients over to her.

Peter M. Esq.

Your expertise and product knowledge are unsurpassed.


Linda has proven her competency many times over. She immediately became my “go-to” person to decipher legalese. Linda always showed her integrity and honesty when it came to making sure the client gets the product that made the most sense for them rather than the one that might net her a higher commission.

Cathy J., Insurance Manager

I really appreciate your time and patience in going through everything…’s a good thing when one doesn’t have buyer’s remorse the next day . . .I think that means you’ve found your niche and are doing a good thing for the world.


We have found Linda to be a true expert in the area of long term care insurance. Her background in the healthcare industry, her knowledge of contracts and her experience with long term care insurance claims make her a valuable asset when a client considers the many options available in the LTC market place. Whenever we have called upon Linda to help our clients she has been exceptionally professional.


William N., CFP®


It has been a pleasure to have your clear, informed presentations as we proceeded along the Long Term Care highway. You have been generous with your time, answering questions and meeting with us.


My wife Kris and I want to thank you tremendously for your recent very helpful advice regarding our existing LTC policies. I had asked our financial advisors to comment on our various options in response to impending steep LTC price increases. They highly recommended your expertise to advise us, then offered to arrange a discussion with you. Your willingness to soon hold a Zoom video conference on my laptop, providing your in-person tailored advice, is greatly appreciated. We happily understand and will follow your counsel to retain our policies and accept the increases. Thank you!

Pete and Kristina A.

Linda is a fabulous resource for long-term care coverage. I am 63 and was looking for coverage. In the process, we found incorrect information in my medical records which disqualified me. All it took was a call to my Doctor to correct the information that Linda made me aware of and she got me coverage for a reasonable cost!

Suzanne M., Client

When I have insurance questions, I depend on Linda for accurate answers. There have been times I come across an ethical dilemma, and the one person I can trust to give me a straight answer is Linda Thalheimer.

Alan R., LTC Specialist

I don't know how I could have sorted through the maze of "insurancease" involved in assessing & comparing policies without Linda's help.  I especially appreciated her experience, expertise, attentiveness, & willingness to be available outside business hours.

Nancy H.

Thank you for always making me look like a hero when I send my people to you!


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